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Children Accepted for Care


    The PLYP Girls Group Home is licensed by the State of Minnesota Department of Corrections.  We accept females ages 12-19. We serve emotionally troubled children, children with behavioral problems, and their families. Referrals can include children in need of protective services, adjudicated delinquents and voluntary placements.

    The PLYP Girls Group Home will not accept clients who are exhibiting extreme aggressive behaviors, or are currently suicidal.


Admission Procedure


    Admission to the Group Home may be initiated by contacting the Program Director or Treatment Coordinator at (320) 235-6637.  Your direction on placement critical goals will be requested. Once initial screening is done by phone, further background information such as psychological evaluation, family history and reports from previous interventions will be requested. A pre-placement interview may be scheduled, but is not always required.


Program Planning


    Upon admission to the Group Home, areas of difficulty leading to placement are discussed and an individual program plan is developed. After thirty days, a staffing is held to discuss the child’s transition into our program and school, as well as her progress, areas of difficulty, and issues she has identified as those she wants to work on. These goals and work on specific goals are:

  1. Evaluated weekly by staff.
  2. Reviewed regularly throughout placement at staffings which include all involved parties.  
  3. Documented thoroughly in written reports which are mailed to the treatment team.