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    The Prairie Lakes Youth Programs are greatly concerned for the needs of all children in society and their need for proper care. We believe children need a continuum of care offered to them. We provide a service not available through traditional foster care or institutional care. We have a unique opportunity to provide services to children in need of different aspects of treatment from both resources. We provide adult guidance and professional services to children placed out of the home and yet keep the child involved in the community. Our facility is community based and our program is community oriented. We have tremendous flexibility in providing care to children with varying needs. The PLYP Group Homes work cooperatively with the child, their family, the placing agency and other professionals to develop an individual program plan, discharge plan and aftercare plan based on the placement critical goals.

Our Staff

    The PLYP Girls Group Home, formerly known as The Kandiyohi County Girls Group Home, has over 120 years of combined experience.  Employees must be mature individuals with education and/or work experience pertinent to the position they hold and must be at least 21 years of age.  Ongoing continuing education required by licensing, by the individual needs of clients and the individual needs of the staff is provided.  The Group Homes utilize the professional TheraScribe Program to develop individual treatment plans according to individual client issues and diagnosis.  The Group Homes contract with professional consultants to assist staff in program planning and daily care and treatment issues.

Our Facility

    The PLYP Girls Group Home is just that....a home. We’re located in a 6-bedroom house nestled in a quiet, residential neighborhood of Willmar. This environment puts clients at ease and living in a community setting while they work towards their goals.